Boker Magnum Rainbow Mermaid Liner Lock Knife (3.75" Spectrum) 01LG318

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Features: Rainbow stainless steel blade with a reaching mermaid and holes to represent bubbles. Flipper tab opener that is the mermaid's tail fin. Rainbow stainless steel handle with fish scale texturing. Jimped liner lock to prevent unintentional blade closure. Tip-down, deep-carry pocket clip with a rainbow finish. Description: The Boker Mermaid is an iconic pocket knife that's stolen the heart of the knife community. For those who haven't heard its siren's song, wax your ears now or risk the expansion of your knife collection: The Boker Mermaid is a knife possessed with the sensual grace of man's better half, and the unfathomable allure of the unknowable ocean. The beautiful colors of this knife are reminiscent of the spectrum of colors seen on many fish scales. Its blade is tough 440A stainless steel with a wicked edge capable of meeting your EDC needs. Take the plunge with the Boker Mermaid and be a part of the community-wide sensation! Boker Magnum knows how to make a folding knife that stands out. Shop our huge selection and find a design for you!
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