WE Knives Arsenal Ostap Hel Black Satin 20CV Black G10 Frame Lock Flipper WE20073-3

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Custom maker Ostap Hel is back with another excellent collaboration with WE Knives in the Arsenal frame lock flipper. The hardy Tanto blade handles everything from utility to tactical defense, while the titanium frame and G10 overlays with integral back spacer deliver a handle the is rock solid, secure and comfortable in multiple grips. This version comes with a black stonewashed satin CPM-20CV blade, gray titanium frame and black G10 overlays. Brand new, direct from WE Knife Co. Blade: Black hand rubbed satin CPM-20CV comes in a Tanto profile with a tough, high flat grind that rises to meet visually appealing cutouts and a tapered spine. Formidable and functional, this blade profile is great for heavy daily use. Ceramic bearing pivot flipper deployment is predictably fast and smooth, while spine jimping provides secure traction. Handle: Slabs of chamfered titanium house the blade and support G10 overlays that close around the back forming an integral spacer delivering a solid, secure and comfortable grip. Equipped with a steel lock face, the frame lock is smooth and bank vault secure. A hardened steel emergency glass breaker attaches the end mount deep carry clip for added utility, and color matched G10 pivot collars enhance the tactical style. Carries via a reversible titanium deep carry clip. CPM-20CV: CPM-20CV (analog to M390 and CTS-204P) is a premium powder metallurgy (PM) stainless steel with high level edge retention and corrosion resistance. Relatively easy to sharpen, the coarse microstructure gives this steel lower toughness.
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