Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight CQI Maxamet Gray FRCP C101PGY2

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Having gone through many changes and iterations since its introduction in the early 2000s, the Spyderco Manix 2 is a more compact Manix that is perfect for everyday carry while still offering full size knife performance. Spyderco's Ball Bearing Lock mechanism is the heart of the Manix offering some of the strongest lock performance while being fully ambidextrous and very smooth to operate. Paired with the RoundHole opener, the Ball Bearing lock makes the Manix very safe to operate, opening and closing without placing your fingers in the path of the blade. This Lightweight version comes with a stonewashed, plain edge Micro-Melt Maxamet tool steel blade and Bi-Directional textured Gray FRCP handles. Brand new, direct from Spyderco Knives, USA. CQI: Updated with Torx Screw Construction Blade: A iconic, broad leaf shaped blade is delivered in fully flat ground, stonewashed Maxamet for a great balance of slicing geometry, piercing capability and durability with a razor sharp plain cutting edge. Maxamet is a high wear, high hardness tool steel that deliver top-end edge retention. A large, 14 mm RoundHole provides easy ambidextrous deployment on a smooth, phosphor bronze washer pivot with excellent action thanks to the Ball Bearing Lock detent. For optimal safety and control during use the jimped thumb ramp and index finger choil duo are unbeatable. Handle: A stainless steel partial back spacer supports the FRCP (fiberglass reinforced co-polymer) handles, both housing the rock solid Ball Bearing Lock mechanism. Pull back the polymer cage with either hand to disengage this smooth operator. Ergonomically designed with a pinky hook, subtle finger grooves and a nice palm swell, the Manix 2 Lightweight is secure and comfortable in the hand thanks to strategically placed jimping, a prominent index guard and forward choil along with the high-traction Bi-Directional Texturing. A generously large hole is provided for lanyard attachment. Carries via a reversible tip-up stainless steel wire clip. Ball Bearing Lock: One of Spyderco's strongest, smoothest operating lock mechanisms, the Ball Bearing Lock consists of a hardened steel ball bearing housed in a polymer cage. When the knife is opened a spring plunger drives the ball bearing forward onto a ramp on the blade, wedging it securely open. Pulling back on the cage releases the lock and allows the blade to pivot smoothly closed. Operating the knife is easily performed with either hand without placing your fingers near the blade’s edge. Micro-Melt Maxamet Steel: Produced by Carpenter as a high speed tool steel, Maxamet offers extremely high wear resistance with moderate toughness and a high level of hardness (67-69 Hrc). Edge retention will be very high, outdone by only a few ultra-high carbide, high hardness steels like CPM 15V and Rex 121. Novice sharpeners may have a challenging time. Care is required to prevent corrosion.
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